Compassion in Healthcare
Conference NZ 2019

Rekindle the fire.

Learn the science and practice of compassionate care.

The first ever compassion in healthcare conference in New Zealand. We are bringing together experts in compassionate care, from scientists to clinicians, to inspire, teach and share the practices of compassion in day to day clinical care.

This conference will benefit doctors, nurses, medical students, paramedics, social workers, psychologists, therapists, allied health providers and anyone involved in the caring profession.

Certificates of attendance (continuing professional education) to document hours attended will be provided. Outside of NZ, please ask your professional regulatory council/ body if they will accept certification from the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences of the University of Auckland.


2019 Conference Speakers


Dr Robin Youngson


Dr Anne O’Callaghan


Dr Tony Fernando


Prof. Nathan Consedine, Ph.D.


Dr Anna Friis


Mr Pat Alley


Prof Bruce Arroll


Mr Ari Peach


Benjamin Bickford


Ingo Lambrecht PhD


Dr. Johanne Egan


Vinny Dev

Conference Schedule


16 MAR 2019 Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM

85 Park Road Grafton, Auckland, 1023

8 AM to 9 AM

9:00 AM to 9:45 AM
Dr Tony Fernando and Prof Nathan Consedine

9:45 AM to 10:30 AM
Dr Anne O'Callaghan

10:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Rapid Fire Sessions: Vinayak Dev and Dr Tony Fernando

11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Morning Tea

11:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Rapid Fire Sessions: Dr Ingo Lambrecht and Dr Jo Egan

12:00 PM to 12:30 PM
Dr Anna Friis

12:30 PM to 1:00 PM
Prof Bruce Arroll

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Lunch

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Keynote Speaker Dr Robin Youngson

3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Panel Discussion on Compassionate Care: Prof Bruce Arroll, Dr Pat Alley, Dr Robin Youngson


17 MAR 2019 Sunday 9AM -12PM

85 Park Road Grafton, Auckland, 1023

3 workshop options. Workshop fees are separate from the conference registration ($150 standard, $25 student)

Workshop 1: From mindfulness to compassion (Workshop is FULL)
Facilitators: Dr Tony Fernando & Benjamin Bickford

Workshop 2: Kindness Matters: Caring for the Carer (Workshop is FULL)
Facilitator: Dr Anna Friis

Workshop 3: Compassion as an ‘edge state’ – a model and a practice. (Workshop is FULL)
Facilitators: Dr Anne O'Callaghan & Dr Ingo Lambecht

Workshop 1: From mindfulness to compassion
(Workshop is FULL)

Facilitators: Dr Tony Fernando and Ben Bickford

Mindfulness is the building block for developing compassion. However, mindfulness is a confusing concept often associated with concentration and breathing. Though attention is an important part of the training, a kind and accepting quality of one's experience is a crucial component of the practice. This workshop will teach mindfulness to beginners or those open to rediscovering the basic principles of mindfulness practice. With regular mindfulness practice and incorporating it to daily life and clinical practice, burnout and compassion fatigue might be mitigated. When one is more mindful, care and compassion to self and others will flow.

  • Learn how to practice mindfulness meditation from the very beginning
  • Learn how mindfulness can be incorporated into day to day life
  • Learn how to practice basic loving kindness and compassion meditation
  • Learn practical techniques to enhance compassion in the clinical setting

Workshop 2: Kindness Matters: Caring for the Carer (Workshop is FULL)

Facilitator: Dr Anna Friis

Why do so many highly compassionate people find it difficult to turn their kindness inward? Uncover your barriers to self-compassion and learn why being kinder to ourselves during moments of difficulty is vital in protecting against burn-out and compassion fatigue. With self-compassion we can motivate ourselves with encouragement, forgive ourselves when needed, face and befriend our shortcomings, and care for others while caring for self. The ultimate prize is a life lived with more authenticity and joy, and a greater capacity to flourish despite life’s inevitable challenges. In this half-day introductory workshop you will:

  • Learn about the science of self-compassion
  • Learn self-compassion skills to practise in daily life
  • Learn ways to “breath underwater” when we're feeling overwhelmed or inadequate—especially if conventional mindfulness or breathing practices aren't working

Workshop 3: Compassion as an ‘edge state’ – a model and a practice (Workshop is FULL)

Facilitators: Dr Anne O'Callaghan & Dr Ingo Lambecht

In this workshop an in-depth and discerning approach to compassion will be considered. We will explore not only when compassion is easy but also when it is difficult. How do we engage compassion states, not only on the cushion, but also in the maelstrom of an A & E department or a busy ward, in the stressful encounter with a patient or staff member? How do we create a space for compassion when we feel frustrated, exhausted or overwhelmed? Discover research-based practices that address these concerns.

  • Learn about the ‘edge states’ which can block or distort compassion
  • Understand the compassion model as set out by Joan Halifax - a synthesis of contemplative practice, research in neuroscience and social psychology.
  • Cultivate the Halifax G.R.A.C.E. practice to enhance your interactions in clinical settings.